Perez-AOG, LLC dba Perez Brothers


Perez Bros., Inc., has joined with Asia Oriental Guam, LLC (AOG) in forming Perez-AOG, LLC  with the trade name Perez Brothers.

The current Perez Brothers is a new entity, having evolved from Perez Bros Inc.

From selling small electrical components as his mother-in-law's home during post World War II Guam, to a company named Frank D Perez and Brothers Company in September 1951, later incorporated as Perez Bros inc in 1961, Frank D Perez sought to provide goods and services to the people of Guam.

With a desire to help bring Guam's people an improved quality of life, Perez Bros Inc provided building material to ensure the buildings on Guam were typhoon resistant.

As Guam's economy contracted at the start of the new Millennium, Perez Bros Inc sought parties to assist with the evolving technical expertise of this industry.

The Limited Liability Company was formed in 2012 with membership from Perez Bros Inc and Asia Oriental Guam, LLC (AOG).

Perez Brothers continues to supply Ready Mix Concrete, Concrete Masonry Units, Concrete Pumping Services, Sand and Aggregates to the Construction Industry on Guam.

As the market trends towards more specification driven products, Perez Brothers has broadened its Technical Expertise with the assistance of our LLC members.


Delivery capacity is a dynamic of the market and Perez Brothers continues to meet our market's expectations with new equipment.





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